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Unlock a new realm of gaming excellence with the V8 Mechanical Keyboard, a technological masterpiece. A good mechanical keyboard is the need of the day in today's world, and in the market, there are different types of keyboards. Work like composing emails, playing games, and working on crucial documents is made more accessible. The keyboard technology we use significantly impacts our typing experience and overall productivity. Our YOWD team has deeply observed the V8 mechanical keyboard and identified some significant features of this mechanical keyboard. 

Mechanical keyboard

 A mechanical keyboard generally has spring-activated switches below each keycap. Only after the keyboard has recorded the press is the button triggered, and the bounce, bump, or clicking sound alerts one to the activation. The switches on a mechanical keyboard are easy to replace and change. You can also customize the keyboard to your liking.

A mechanical keyboard is also known as a gaming keyboard and is best for typing enthusiasts, too. Mechanical keyboards are popular due to their tactile nature and pleasant typing experience, with each keypress registering more clearly.

Key Features of the Mechanical Keyboard

When we look into the difference between a membrane keyboard vs mechanical keyboard, first of all, we seek out their distinguishing features. The significant difference between a mechanical vs membrane keyboard is mechanical switches. 

Mechanical switches

Mechanical keyboard switches are of great variety and are also called switches made of steel. There are three major types of switches.  


A red switch is a type of switch known as a linear switch. It reacts smoothly and provides no tactile feedback.


Blue switches, often called clicky switches, emit a distinct "tick" or click sound and elicit a nice reaction.


Brown switches, often called tactile switches, deliver significant feedback while remaining silent.

V8 Spectrum Mechanical Keyboard with RGB Lights

The specifications of the V8 mechanical keyboard keyboard with RGB lights are given below in the table:

Blue Switch for Optimal Gaming Precision

The V8 Spectrum boasts Blue switches, a hallmark of precision and responsiveness in gaming keyboards. These switches provide tactile feedback with a distinctive click sound, ensuring each keystroke is registered with lightning-fast speed. Ideal for gamers who demand instantaneous responsiveness during intense gaming sessions.

Rainbow Backlit & Customized Setting

Immerse yourself in a visual symphony with the V8 Spectrum's Rainbow Backlit System. Choose from 12 dazzling backlit effects to create a customized gaming ambiance. The vibrant RGB lighting not only enhances the keyboard's aesthetics but also serves a practical purpose, providing clarity in low-light gaming environments.

Two-Colored Injection-Molded ABS

The keycaps on the V8 are crafted using advanced two-colored injection-molded ABS technology. This not only ensures a sleek and durable finish but also contributes to the longevity of the keyboard. The keycap material is resistant to wear and tear, with a key life of up to 15 million presses, making the V8 a reliable companion for extended gaming sessions.

Wired USB Interface for Seamless Connection

The V8 Spectrum connects effortlessly through a wired USB interface, ensuring a reliable and stable connection. The 1.8m cable length provides flexibility in setting up your gaming station. Say goodbye to connectivity issues and experience uninterrupted gaming with the V8 Spectrum.

Anti-Ghosting 104 Keys for Precision Gaming Control

Designed for precision, the V8 Spectrum features Anti-Ghosting technology across all 104 keys. This means that each keypress is accurately detected, even during complex gaming maneuvers. Enjoy a seamless and responsive gaming experience without the frustration of missed inputs.

Robust Metal for Durability and Style

The V8 Spectrum is not just a gaming tool; it's a statement piece. The keyboard's panel is crafted from robust metal, ensuring durability and a sleek aesthetic. The combination of strength and style makes the V8 Spectrum a standout addition to any gaming setup.


With a full-size layout featuring 104 keys, the V8 Spectrum provides a comfortable and familiar gaming experience. The dimensions of 444 L* 136 W* 37mm H* strike the perfect balance between functionality and ergonomics, catering to the needs of both casual and professional gamers.


Weighing in at 800g, the V8 Spectrum strikes a balance between solidity and portability. The substantial weight ensures stability during intense gaming sessions, preventing any unwanted movement while allowing for easy transportation when needed.

Elevate Your Gaming Experience with the V8 Spectrum: Where Mechanical Precision Meets RGB Brilliance.


Specifictions of the V8 Mechanical RGB lightning keyboard are given below in the table:

Backlit System 

RGB lighting + Modes 

Light Mode 

12 kinds of backlit effects 

Interface Port 


Cable Length 

1.8 m

Connection Method 


Keycap Material 


Keycap Technology 

Two colored injection modeled 

Report Rate 


Key life 

15 million times 

No conflict keys 

104 keys without conflict 

Panel Material 


Mechanical switch type 

Blue Switch 

Working current 


Keboard layout

104 full size keyboard


Silver Black 


800 g 


444 L* 136 W* 37mm H*


Pros and cons of a mechanical keyboard

For selecting between a membrane keyboard vs mechanical keyboard, complete information with the pros and cons of the mechanical keyboard is necessary.

Here are some pros and cons of using a mechanical keyboard, which are explained below:

Pros of a mechanical keyboard 

The basic benefits of a  mechanical keyboard are discussed below:


The V8 mechanical keyboard will have more durability, even if it has seen better days. Mechanical keyboards can take between 30 and 100 million keystrokes per minute, depending on the brand, type, and quality of the switches employed.


Users can swap out keycaps or program keys to personalize their keyboards. You can also personalize rgb lighting effects and choose keycap materials, profiles, and colors. 


Due to the robust design of mechanical keyboards, they are built for stability. Even if you are an aggressive typist, a mechanical keyboard will stabilize you by not sliding around.

Long lifespan 

Up to 70 to 100 million keystrokes on the V8 mechanical keyboard are possible and ensure a long life span. Due to their mechanical switches, mechanical keyboards are less prone to eating up and flattening out.


It prevents a problem when two or more keys accidentally do not register other keys. This means you can press all the keys simultaneously without registering any extra keys. 

Feedback/Typing experience 

When your key is pressed, you can feel them going down and returning, giving lovely tactile feedback. 

Cons of the mechanical keyboard 

The significant drawbacks of using mechanical are mentioned below in detail: 


Due to additional features, the best typing experience, and customization options, they are expensive. If you have enough money to spend, this is a good choice, but it's a problem for people with tight budgets. 


V8 Mechanical keyboards are loud due to their robust construction of mechanical switches and keycaps. But this problem can be solved by modding your keyboard according to your preferences.   


In the realm of gaming peripherals, the V8 Spectrum emerges as a true marvel, combining mechanical precision with the mesmerizing glow of RGB lights. Elevate your gaming experience with this durable and customizable keyboard, meticulously crafted for gaming enthusiasts. From the tactile Blue switches to the vibrant RGB lighting, the V8 Spectrum stands as a statement piece in the world of mechanical keyboards.


Are the keycaps customizable on the V8 Spectrum?  

Yes, the V8 Spectrum features two-colored injection-molded ABS keycaps, allowing for customization.

Does the V8 Spectrum support simultaneous key presses without conflicts?  

Absolutely, the Anti-Ghosting technology ensures precise detection of all 104 keys without conflicts.

Can I adjust the RGB lighting on the V8 Spectrum?

Certainly, the keyboard offers 12 kinds of backlit effects, allowing for a customized gaming ambiance.

What is the cable length of the V8 Spectrum?

The V8 Spectrum comes with a generous 1.8m cable length for flexible and hassle-free connectivity.

Is the V8 Spectrum suitable for both gaming and typing?

Yes, the tactile Blue switches provide an optimal typing experience, making it versatile for both gaming and professional use.

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